Dirt Diggers Digest is written by Philip Mattera, director of the Corporate Research Project, an affiliate of Good Jobs First. It represents a merger of two previous online publications: the Corporate Research E-Letter, which contained essays on issues of corporate misbehavior, and the pre-blog Dirt Diggers Digest, which analyzed trends in disclosure and reported on new sources of information of interest to researchers working for labor unions, environmental groups and other advocacy organizations.  The new Digest will cover both topics on a more frequent basis.

Phil has been doing strategic corporate research for labor, environmental, public-interest and other activist groups around the country for the past two decades. Before that he spent a decade as a business journalist. He is a licensed private investigator and the author of four books on business, labor and economics. He is a long-time member of the National Writers Union and serves as the union’s chief book grievance officer.

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